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P. J. Laska: Revisioning the Millenium: Counter-Ideological Reflections on Modernity, Anthropology and Utopia

Special Section on the Kosov@ War:

Poetry: Anna Lombardo, Mariella Setzu, Michael Wendling , B. Z. Niditch, Agneta Falk;

Kosovar Albanian Poems: Diana Latiqi, Shefqet Cakolli, Atulla Kasumi, Fatmir Zenuni, Ismet Lajqi. (Translated by Leonard Fox and Jack Hirschman)

On the Kosovo War, Subcommandante Marcos

The Art War Project International (posters), Art Rat Group, Belgrade

Post-Kosovo War Prose Poems, Chad Faries

Pauline Craig: The Silence of Horace Edward Kelly (poem)

The Collage Art of Theodore A. Harris, with text by Amiri Baraka

Stephen Hartnett: About the Same As Commercial Fishing (poem)

Jon Hillson: The Bronx Street Crimes Unit Bags A Suspect (poem)

Rebecca Wright: Drinking Problems: Soft Focus History in the Irish Theme Pub

Des McGuinness: Popular Culture and the Dublin Working Class

E. San Juan, Jr.: From Chinatown to Gunga Din Highway: Reflections on Frank Chin and the Representation of Chinese America

Stan Goff: Our Next Vietnam

Poetry of Ashley Chambers

John Sheridan: Signs of Passion - Political Art of Protest at KPFA

Mel Clay: 1915 Goodbye, Yankee Clipper 1999

Artslink Collaborative Project: Globalization & Cultural Nationalism in Central-East Europe: the "nationalist/urbanist debate" in Hungary:

Bálint Szombathy: Nationalist/Urbanist, Local/Non-Local

Csaba Polony: Remarks on the populist/urbanist debate in the arts in Hungary

Two Hungarian Poets: Lajos Parti Nagy; András Ferenc Kovács

Michael Eldred: Capital and Technology: Marx and Heidegger

Martin Heidegger: Imaginings (poems), translated by Jack Hirschman

Jack Hirschman: The Urderground Arcane (poem)

Poems: WE, Robert Anbian; Black Stone, Bruno Gulli; Antonin, Sergio Iagulli; The Future, Sharon Schaller.

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