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Responses to the "War on Terrorism":

Adrian Gargett: "Resurrection Man" (Osama bin Laden and Trajectories of Terrorism)

Doug Minkler: War on Terrorism (graphic); Theodore A. Harris: Mr.Bones, 2001 (collage).

Poetry: Jon Hillson: WTC WW III BLOWBACK BLUES; Jack Hirschman: The Warcane; Agneta Falk: Women Like You; Andrea Zuccolo: Not Even the Swallows;; M. S.: The First World War; J. M. Frank: Jumping Out of Buildings (poem).

Steven Hoadley: Thoroughly Bad James (fiction).

Philip Hyams: Plastic Flowers in Paradise (Israeli poems on the Intifada); Hilton Obenzinger: Yom Kippur Liturgy.


Passages of Empire and its Discontents

E. San Juan, Jr.: Nationalism, the Postcolonial State and Violence

Prasenjit Maiti: "Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall": Would Globalizaion Impact on States' Dissolution?

Mario Gonzalez Arencibia: Socialism Between Globalization and the Market: Experience of Europe, China and Vietnam.

Nichi Vendola: Lament on the Death of Carlo Giuliani (poems).

Roger Cole: Independence or Empire? (Peace & Neutrality Alliance, Dublin, Ireland).

The "Columbia 3": Letter of protest from Picota Prison, Bogota, by the 3 imprisoned Irishman.

Open Letter to President Andreas Pastrana and the People of Columbia, by the families of the "Columbia 3."


Thomas Kaiser & Desmond L. Kharmawphlang: Talking Forest: Reforestation of a Sacred Grove as Social Sculpture.

Paul Polansky: The Blackbirds of Kosovo (poems and photos on the Kosovo Roma).

Contemporary Poetry from Croatia (Slavko Mihalic, Petar Gudelj, Boris Maruna, Ivan Rogic Nehajev, Jozefina Dautbegovic, Tomislav Domovic).

Gary Corseri: Budapest (poem).

Dan Georgakas: Reflections on a Half-Century of Script-Writing: Interview with Walter Bernstein.

Theodore A. Harris: Hunted Everywhere, Collaging the Capital (lecture text with collages).

Timothy Brown: Contemporary Romanticism (exhibit of African-American Art).

Ercole Joseph Gaudioso: Fast Ball Fooch (a NYPD tale).

Poetry from the Eastern Correctional Facility of New York (Israel Fernandez, Frank Fissette, Kelly White, D. Nkose Cain, MikaÕil DeVeaux, David Thomas, Alejo DaoÕud Rodriguez, Jewel Presley, J.A.H.* Chemistry).

Patricia Lamerdin: Malcolm (from Out in the Cold, interviews with homeless people in San Francisco.).

Susan Emerling: Everything She Ever Wanted (fiction).

Poems: Judi Benson: Burying the Ancestors; Amy Greenfield: Ecstasy of Monsters, The Secret; David Gonzalez: A Recipe for Blood, The Vengence of the She-Angel.

Ted Dace: Monothink, A Radical Critique of the Scientific Mindset.

Antler: Writer's Workshop (poem).

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