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Special Section: The Attack Against Amiri Baraka:

Ewuare Osayande: The Backlash Against Amiri Baraka and the Repression of the Black Moral Vanguard.

Adrienne Carey Hurley: Abrogating Laurels in an Upside-down World: The Anti-Baraka Campaign from New Jersey to Stanford.

lamont b. steptoe: Interviewing Amiri Baraka.

Theodore A. Harris (collages)

Jeffrey Blankfort: The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions.

Poems on the Intifada:

Jon Hillson: This Is What I Think About Suicide Bombers.

Ronald Jones: To Ayat al-Akhras, Suicide Bomber.

Anonymous: Twice That Afternoon.

Etel Adnan: Jenin.

Richard Downing: Too Close to God

Khalid Mattawa: Nocturne on Evolution & Catastrophe (poem).

Agneta Falk: I Told You So (poem)

Farhang Erfani: Being-There and Being-From-Elsewhere: An Existential-Analytic of Exile.

Ugo Pierri, I Care DollarsŠ, (pen & ink drawing)

Carl Auerbach: An Elegy for the Death of Language (poem).

E. San Juan, Jr.: Spinoza and the War of Racial Terrorism.

Thomas Rain Crowe: Speaking in Tongues: An Interview with Belfast poet Gearóid Mac Lochlainn.

Gearóid Mac Lochlainn: The Artists, Second Tongue, Ink (poems).

Johnny Connolly: Bring Them Home‹The Columbia Three (on the 3 imprisoned Irishman).

David (Green Anarchy): Communiqué from the Heart of th

e Beast.

John O¹Kane: Trading Terror, Making Democracy.


John Yohe: What You Are.

Michael Standaert: The Gift.

Julia Shure: Not Crazy.

Victorial May Collert: Hard To Be Metaphysical.

Timothy P. Brown: Word and Image as the Nexus of Subversion.

Dominic Angerame: Notes on the Exhibition: Ce Qui Arrive (Unknown Quantity).

Imogen Bunting: Rationality, Legitimacy and the "Folk Devils" of May.


Leslie Shade: Living With Cyberspace: Technology & Society in the 21st Century, eds.: John Armitage/Joannne Roberts.

David Meltzer: Front Lines, Selected Poems by Jack Hirschman.

Roland G. Simbulan: Unmasking the U. S. War on Terror: U. S. Imperialist Hegemony and Crisis, by Villegas, E. M., et al.

Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao: Racism and Cultural Studies: Critiques of Multicultrualist Ideology and the Politics of Difference, by E. San Juan, Jr.

Doug Minkler: Warmongers (Graphic)

Johann Christoph Arnold: Remembering Philip Berrigan.

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