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Ted Dace: W is for War

Benjamin Balthaser: A New Orientalism: Another Look at Pre-War Coverage in Iraq

Jon Hillson: Lessons of Baghdad Rag, Addendum In Ad Dwar (poems)

Ronald Jones: Why There Are No Israeli Suicide Bombers (poem)

Jeffrey Blankfort: A War for Israel

Wanda Fish: God Forgive Us for Guantanamo Bay

E. San Juan, Jr.: Imperialist War Against Terrorism & Revolution in the Philippines

Pat Brereton: War Movies: Post 9/11

Scott MacLeod: Steel Torsos

John Armitage: The Totally Hypermodern Body

The Matt Gonzalez Campaign for Mayor of San Francisco:

Discussion with Matt Gonzalez (Peter Camejo, Jack Hirschman, Matt Gonzalez, Csaba Polony, Scott J. Thompson)

Agneta Falk: The Tree of Soul (poem)

Susan M Peters: Campaign in the Time of Cynicism

Scott J. Thompson: Matt Gonzalez, the Green Alternative & the Future of Opposition in the U.S.

Matt Gonzalez: My Green Manifesto

Adrienne Carey Hurley: First They Came for Sherman Austin & the Anarchists of Color: New Fronts in the War on Critical Thinking & the Criminalization of Youth

Jennifer Martin Ruggiero: Innocence (poem by Sherman Austin¹s Mother)

Jay Wright: "Voyage in Blue" (fiction)

Linda Button: Replaceable Woman (fiction)

Amber Tamblyn: free stallion (poem)

Steven Hoadley: It¹s Okay (poem)

Jack Hirschman: The No Wage Dues Arcane (poem)

Eliot Katz: What We Don¹t See; Can We Have Some Peace and Quiet, Please?; To the Northern Winds, July 4th (poems)

Iftekhar Sayeed: Poems from Bangladesh

Mat Callahan: Too Much is Not Enough (Superabundance and the absence of critical thought)

Poetry: John G. Hall: The English Colony; The Fall Out; All Work

Cletus Nelson Nwadike: from A Short Black Poem

Taha Muhammad Ali: from Never Mind, Twenty Poems and A Story

Ken Smith - In Memorium (Ken Smith: The Secret Police; Sándor the Poet)

Judi Benson: Ghost Notes to Ken

Jack Hirschman: The Path (poem).

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