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Gene Ray: History, The Sublime, Terror: Notes on the Politics of Fear [pdf]

G. D. McFetridge: A Bridge in Iraq (fiction)

Ron Savage: After School and After the War (fiction)

John G. Hall: War; The Orange Snake of Burma (poems)

Susan Galleymore: Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak about War and Terror [pdf]

Ysabel de la Rosa: Bloodless; To Orient and Advise (poems)

Iain R. Edgar: The Inspirational Night Dream in the Motivation and Justification of Jihad

Agneta Falk: Sold (poem)

Uri Davis: In Search of the Abu Sitta Sword: An Easter Tale or a Passover Haggadah – An Eclectic Journal of a Convoluted Journey – In Search of a Sword Belonging to a 1948 Palestinian Refugee [pdf]

S. Purcell Woodard: “Overdose” (poem)

Iftekhar Sayeed: Freedom and Freedom [pdf]

Theodore A. Harris: Drowning in Bones and Flames; Phoney War (Collages)

Jim Rogers : Copyright and the Erosion of Sovereignty: The Legal Shaping of the Music Industry

Jason Miller: Profit of Doom: Of Vampires, Parasites and the Demise of Capitalism

Michael Ray Fitzgerald: Imperialism for Dummies: A step-by-step program for exploitation & colonization

G.M. Tamás: A Capitalism Pure and Simple (from “East European Socialism” to Neo-Liberalism)

Special Section: San Francisco International Poetry Festival (July 27-29, 2007).
Francis Combes: Poetry in San Francisco. Poems by : Aharon Shabtai, Israel; Carmen Yanez, Chile/Spain; Anna Lombardo, Italy; Ferruccio Brugnaro, Italy; Cletus Nelson Nwadike, Nigeria/Sweden; Maram Al Masri, Syria; Sabah Muhsin Jasim, Iraq; Nicole Cage-Florentiny, Martinique; Sinan Gudzevic, Serbia/Croatia; Sotirios Pastakas, Greece; Bei Dao, China; Hanan Awwad, Palistine; Miguel Mendoza Barreto, Venezuela; Alberto Masala, Sardinia/Italy; Francis Combes, France.

Franck Laraque: Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Jacques Roumain

Jack Hirschman: The Autozobop Passport Arcane (poem)

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Pity the Nation (pdf) : High Noon, Oaxaca (poems)

Markus Euskirchen, Henrik Lebuhn and Gene Ray: From Borderline to Borderland: The Changing Border Regime, Transnational Labor, and Migration Struggles in Europe

Maxima Kahn: paul -- (poem)

Radical Culture Research Collective: The Sublime Whiff of Criticality: On the Functions of Documenta

POETRY: Maria Fire: Two Estranged Sisters; devorah major: crossing land from on high; David Meltzer: Email is Where ; Leslie Simon: The People, Not the Public; Sarah Menefee: song; John O'Kane : The Day The Muse Died.

E. San Juan, Jr.: Antonio Gramsci’s Theory and Strategy of the "National Popular" and its Revolutionary Potential

Terence Cannon: Crossing Grove Street 1967 (novel excerpt) (pdf)

Jane Summer: Sentiments of a Spook

Renzo Llorente: Forays Beyond the Pale

Chris Wright: Reflections on the Question: "Is History Over?"


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