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Alonzo Alcanzar: On Radical-Leftist Strategy: Propositions for Discussion [pdf]

What We See, What We Hope: Declaration of Solidarity with the Greek Uprising [pdf]

A. Clare Brandabur: Road Map to Genocide [pdf]

Rueven Abarjel & Smadar Lavie: A Year into the Lebanon2 War: NGO-ing Mizrabi-Arab
Paradoxes, and a One State Vision for Palestine/Israel
(with update after Gaza invasion)

Moslih Kanaaneh: Talking Stones and Yearning Ruins (Introduction to book of photos,
documents, texts of 50 Palestinain communities destroyed in 1948)

Mahmoud Darwish: Another Day Will Come (poem)

Marian G. Saadeh: A Voice from Palestine

Etel Adnan: Radio (fiction)

Muhammad M. Butt: A Fallen Star (fiction)

Nemat Sadat: Bridging the Cultural Gap—One Brigade at a Time

Harry Browne: Shannon Airport: “The War Stope Here”

Ronald Bleier: The Security Services: Agents of Terror?:Review of Annie Macon’s,
Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers: M15, M16 and the Shayler Affair

Nadya Willims: Trying to Undo: America's Viet Nam Veterans Living in Viet Nam

G. M. Tamás: Counter-Revolution Against A Counter-Revolution [pdf]

Poetry: Augusto Rodriquez: This is Everything and It’s Nothing; Zero
Mark A. Murphy: Rabochy i Kolhiznista
Rebecca Bella: At Easter Table; Jon Anderson: American Guzzle
Carla Badillo: Sarah Kane
Aja Couchois Duncan: Jaaga’e; Lament
Tarek Eltayeb: Poverty’s Terror; Since; Circus
Jack Hirschman: The Semina Arcane

Martin Heidegger: “Rimbaud Vivant” (translated by Scott J. Thompson)

P. J. Laska: The Anti-imperialist Ecology of the Dao De Jing:
An Ancient Perspective on the Current Global Crisis of Capitalism

Mary Reynolds Thompson: Meltdown [pdf]

Heather Anholt: Coca and Cocaine: The Difference Between Source and Cause

Clifton Ross: The Revolution Will Not Be Fumigated: Cultivating Revolution in Latin America

Andrey Gritsman: Tijuana (fiction)

E. San Juan, Jr.: Global English vs. Filipino; or “Sneaking into the Philippines
by the Rivers of Babylon”
: An Intervention into the Language Question

Peter McLaren: E. San Juan, Jr.: The Return of the Transformative Intellectual

Poems: Andrés Castro: On The Other Side; Carl Auerbach: Poetry After Rwanda

Jason Miller: “Sticking It to the Man, 21st Century Style...”: Interview with Paul Watson

Steve Redhead:Toward a Theory of Claustropolitanism: Jacking into the Trajectories of the Catastrophic

Anthony Leuzzi: Interview with Martin Espada; Martin Espada: Return (poem)

Ted Dace: Entropic Complex Apocalpse Dialectic [pdf]


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