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P. J. Laska: Nightfall for AWOL II (The Dimming of the Dream & the Search for an Alternative, Part 2)

Kick It Over Manifesto

Patrick Jones: Our Transition (from "Progress Capitalism" to "Ecological Culture" [permapoesis])

Susan Galleymore: Occupy... and Defuse Capitalism's Handmaidens

Antal Polony: Dispatches from the Trenches: Occupy Oakland Rises Up, Part 1; Part 2

Joe Napora: John Clare: Poet of the Occupy

John Kaniecki: The Land of Plenty (poem)

Richard Gilman-Opalsky: The Eternal Recurrence of Insurrection

Marilyn Steele: Default

Ronald Bleier: Malthus and Seven Billion

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: Xenophobia & Fascism in the Outskirts of Northern Europe [pdf]

Csaba Polony: Interview with Jafar Yaghoobbi (Author of Let Us Water the Flowers: The Memoir of a Political Prisoner in Iran) [pdf]

Rahela Mizrahi: The Theft of the Nakba Narrative by Israeli Academia [pdf]

Mags O'Brian: Saorise - Irish Ship to Gaza

Luke Warm Water: Wani'chokan wi: Moon of Middle Winter, Selected Poems [pdf]

Adetokunbo Abiola: The Victims (fiction)

E. San Juan, Jr.: Toward Radicalizing Cultural Studies: Morrison's Tar Baby, Ethnic Writing, and Lessons from the Philippines

Three Contemporary Chinese Poets: Zhai Yongming, Yang Li, Li Yawei (Translated from the Chinese by Jami Proctor-Xu and Steve Bradbury) [pdf]

Clare Brandabur: The Great Cold & the Great Dark: Samuel Beckett as Poet in The Downs and Waiting for Godot

Ashley Niedzwiecki: Monosyllabic Diary of the Cannibalistically Courted (poem)

Alessandra Bava: SoMa Blues (poem)il

Fleur Bourgonje: War is a Woman with a Rug on Her Back (prose poem) [translated from Dutch by Marianne Arentshors]

G. M. Tamás: Communism on the Ruins of Socialism

Jim Miles: Review: Postmodern Imperialism – Geopolitics and the Great Games by Eric Walberg

Fran Furey: Review: Common Cause, poems by Francis Combes

Jack Hirschman: Emergence (poem)

Doug Minkler/Susan Hales: Mental Health, Inc.; PharmaKids, Inc. (graphic)

J.T. Whitehead: Plutonium (poem)

David Brian Howard: Progress in an Age of Rigor Mortis?: Canada's Expo '67 & the Triumph of American Liberalism

Csaba Polony: The Issue (Absence of meaning... ) [pdf]

Contributors [pdf]

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