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5        Christy Rodgers: The Meaning of Vertigo in the Utopian City of Collapsed Time.
9       Marc James Leger: The Idea of the Avant Garde - And What It Means Today: Utopian Aspirations, Social Allegories, and Petro-Sex - Victor and Margarita Tupitsyn
17      E. San Juan, Jr.: Kafka & Torture: Deconstructing the Writing Apparatus of �In the Penal Colony.�
27      P. J. Laska: Inadvertent Evening News Disclosure Concerning the Nature of Capitalism (poem).
28      Steve Redhead: Scream if you Wanna Go Faster: Sport, Social Media & the Futurism of the Instant.
34      R. G. Davis, (and Brecht): Glacial Melt & Sea Level Rise: An Oratorio.
44     Harry Clark: The End of Modern Jewish History.
69      James Scully: All That is Solid (poem).
70      Rahela Mizrahi: Usurping Art: Patterns of Expropriation, Conversion & Appropriation of Palestinian Heritage by Israeli Fine Arts.
84      Ahmad Shamloo: Death of Vartan; Resurrection; In this dead end (poems).
86      Boadiba: Three Interludes (from Tales of Lust and Sorcery).
90      Juanamar�a Cordones-Cook: Havana: Between the Edges of its Sidewalks.
94     William O. Deaver, Jr.: Memories of Underdevelopment: Justifying the Cuban Revolution.
99      Dara McHugh and Gavin Mendel-Gleason: The Irish Economic Crisis & the Failure of the Left (An introductory report).
102      Fred Skolnik: Tocqueville�s America.
109     Garret Keizer: Of Sex So Safe; Rarified; Of Revolutions (poems).
110     Susan Galleymore: Rhythms, Blues, and the ABCs of Distress.
116     Carl Auerbach: Classroom (poem).
117     Carl Auerbach: The Baby Who Slept through the Genocide (poem).
117     Doug Minkler: Accidental Release Plan (graphic).
118     Jack Hirschman: The Syrin Arcane (poem).
119     Patrick Cahill: �Something Savage and Luxuriant�: Whitman�s Appropriation of Native American Names.
123     Richard Gilman-Opalsky: Marxism Not Statism: Autonomist Trajectories in the 21st Century.
126    A. J. Dickinson: Fukushima Rising Headnotes; Clearer Brighter Sight (poems).
127     Sung Lin & Li Li. Poems - translated from Chinese by Jami Proctor-Xu.
133     Mat Callahan: Virtual Piracy vs. Licensed Fraud.
138     Robert Buckeye: Waiting in the Rain for the Last Streetcar: Geography and Memory in the Writing of Irena Vrkljan.
144     Contributors

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