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Fall Flowers

Spring is the season when flowers appear in landscapes everywhere with crocus, daffodils, and tulips pushing their colorful blooms upward. These flowering bulbs can withstand a light freeze, and can sometimes be seen blooming in spite of an early spring snowfall. Summer flowers take their turn next with perennials and annuals taking their place to bring color and beauty to homes, businesses, and parks.

As summer nears its end, many of the bright flowers of summer are fading, and fall is waiting in the wings as fall flowers take over. Although many fall flowers seem to glow with fall colors ranging from bright yellow, orange, rust and crimson, blues and purples also show up as the perfect accent.

Chrysanthemums come in two varieties; the spring garden mom is a seasonal annual, and the hardy mom is a perennial and will begin growing early in the season but bloom heavily in the fall. Chrysanthemums come in bright shades of red, orange, yellow and rust, but white and peach are also popular choices in the fall garden.

Asters combine beautifully with moms, and their deep purple, blue or pink flowers provide a great color contrast to the warm hues reflected by the chrysanthemums. Asters are easily grown as a perennial even in cold climates, and the hardy plant can often be seen growing wild in fields and ditches.

Some fall flower species resemble daisy's, but they display bright colors, unlike the traditional white Shasta daisy. Black-Eyed Susans are bright gold with a brown center while Coneflowers (Rudbeckia) are most often seen in purple.

Although not technically flowers, certain shrubs show off their color a summer's end and into the cooler months. New varieties of Hydrangeas begin producing large clumps of white or light green flowers in summer, and as fall progresses the flowers turn first light pink and gradually darken to a bronze shade. The shrub retains it's bloom throughout fall and even into the winter months. If you live in Dallas, we suggest you go here to buy your fall flowers.

Burning Bush is a popular shrub valued for its stunning bright red fall color. The bush has dark green leaves during the spring and summer months but turns fire engine red in the fall.

The beautiful flowers and shrubs showing their colors in fall provide bright splashes of color before winter sets in. Fall is the season of brightly colored leaves and pumpkins, but beautiful fall flowers should not be left out of the decor.



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