An Historical Trajectory:

The visible world as sign-posts for hints, clues, insights into the workings of an over-arching grand symbolic pattern forming the metaphysical code of reality (Pre-Modern).
The bourgeois revolution being the process of the disintegration of this symbolic order, so that things, objects, events, experiences rather than being pieces of some universal jigsaw puzzle (our task being to decipher our own particular destiny from the clues strewn throughout our lifetime all around and in us), became seen in the actuality of their immediate appearance devoid of metaphysical interpretation. However, once that was recognized, it also became known that "immediate appearance" is constituted, i.e. apprehended, according to pre-existing social-cultural frames-of-reference within the historical context of the ever wider and deeper penetration of the commodity form (Modern/Postmodern).

Whether or not these partial, limited, provincial frames can be broken through, opening the potential for a this-world, global consciousness arising from the historical essence of our species-being (as a particular manifestation of universal, cosmic processes embedded in all reality -- from the minutest quark to galactic structures, from individual to collective (un)consciousness) -- without becoming codified into an abstract, oppressive, totalizing rationality, making possible for "actuality" to manifest "as it is"-- devoid of metaphysical (pre)mediations is the problem we are now facing after the disintegration of the pretenses of hegemonic classical bourgeois ideology ("western culture") and its historic antithesis, "scientific socialism."

-- Csaba Polony